Another new mobile game that has taken over the world is definitely Apex Legends. Originally an online multiplayer shooter, it now boasts its own solo experience with season 2 coming out this March.

Apex Legends has quickly become one of the most popular games ever due to how much engagement it receives from users. There have been around 250 million downloads for the app so far!

It’s very easy to see why it became such a success though as there are no microtransactions or loot boxes present. All content is completely free-to-play.

The developers at Respawn Entertainment also make use of their vast knowledge by including references to various movies and TV shows throughout each level. This helps add more flavour to the game and gives it some additional depth.

Catalyst Black

5 best Android games released in 2022

While there are many great smartphone games available, some try to do too much with their graphics or mechanics of gameplay. Others just seem boring and tedious to play through. With that said, these five games have really stood out to me by being unique and interesting additions to the mobile game market.

They all feature different styles of gameplay, but they all share one thing; they’re incredibly well-crafted experiences that leave you feeling satisfied when you finish them. And I think that’s what makes an engaging gaming experience.

Catalyst Black is easily one of my favourite games of this past year. Not only does it offer fast-paced shooter action mixed in with RPG elements, but the soundtrack does as well!

The game features eight main characters with various strengths and weaknesses. This creates diverse gameplay because no character is better than another at everything, making every match feel new and exciting. It also encourages players to experiment with each character to see how they work together and if anyone can be saved by who else is present.

Overall, Catalyst Black offers tons of depth for experienced gamers looking to test themselves against tough challenges, while also providing plenty of entertainment for novice shooters and roleplayers alike.

Deemo II

5 best Android games released in 2022

A stealthy game that has you play as an agent who must infiltrate powerful corporations to gain information, it is also fun to just pick targets at will and see what happens!

Though the developers had enough content for the main storyline, they have now announced that there are two additional DLC campaigns with more missions. One is a story mode while the other is an endless mission-style survival mode.

If you’re looking for some extra depth to add to your gaming experience then look no further than Deemo II!

This game is definitely worth the price of $14.99 if you can afford this level of investment.

Diablo Immortal

5 best Android games released in 2022

While there have been many great action RPG games designed for mobile devices, none of them really stick out to people as much as they should. There are some that get very positive reviews, but most seem to be forgotten quickly unless you actively look for them.

Diablo is one of the biggest franchises ever created by Blizzard and it has just recently returned with its own smartphone game! It was announced back at BlizzCon 2019 that we would finally get our chance to play as Lord Baal himself in an official Diablo app.

While this may sound like a lot going up against one of the industry’s top developers, it actually seems possible. The devs behind the new Diabolical project have worked on other popular titles such as Fortnite and PUBG Mobile so their skills definitely lie within the realm of good.

What makes these games different from others is how loot drops the matter. You no longer need to spend your time searching high and low or purchasing random cosmetic items to feel like you succeeded. All of the content here is completely free-to-play, which also helps alleviate worry about spending money.

This article will discuss my five favourite diablo phone apps and why I enjoy each of them.


5 best Android games released in 2022

Disney is an action game that has you play as Ayla, a strong-willed warrior who must use her skills to survive in a totally alien world. You play as Ayla in a 3D open-world environment where you can explore at your leisure.

The gameplay is very action-oriented with lots of puzzles and challenges for you to overcome. There are also some stealth elements which add another layer to the experience.

The graphics and soundtrack are spectacular and fit the game’s theme perfectly! The developers have clearly put a lot of effort into making this one special.

Disney Mirrorverse

5 best Android games released in 2022

While there are many great mobile game franchises out right now, one of the hottest new trends is creating your own unique worlds or stories. This has been seen with titles like Fortnite, where people have made their own battle arenas by taking place in real-life locations and putting it onto a video screen, and Minecraft, which has become its own genre due to all of the different things users make using the game’s tools and settings.

This isn’t too far off from what some of the biggest movie studios do, only instead it’s for digital screens and everyone can play around with it! With that said, here are five excellent examples of how you can create your own story-filled world inside the popular smartphone platform known as Google Play. Take your pick!

1) The Disney Infinity Series

Description: Create and live in immersive adventures inspired by beloved Disney movies and characters.

Price: $99.95 – $149.95

Why should I be interested? This one is pretty self-explanatory! If you love Disney then this is an easy sale because these apps are totally free to try out. You get access to various levels and modes within the app so you don’t spend any money unless you want to keep going beyond the initial purchase.

What we loved about this series: There were always new ways to level up and upgrade your character (or beast, dragon, etc.

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