What are bone-conduction headphones?

Bone conduction headphones, sometimes called ‘bone phones,’ is a trending tool nowadays. These headphones transmit sound waves through the bones in a user’s skull instead of their ear canal. Users can listen to devise audio while leaving their ears free because while in use, the bones in their skull vibrate to magnify the sound waves. And without any pain and easy-to-use gadgets for users. This benefits people with a hearing disability or who need to use their ears to stay aware of their surroundings and many more good features.

Bone conduction headphones use vibrations transmitted through the bones of the skull to create sound. These headphones allow people with hearing loss to enjoy music and other audio content without needing a hearing aid. They are often more comfortable to wear than traditional headphones and can be used with devices such as smartphones, laptops, and MP3 players.

How do bone conduction headphones work?
Many people are curious about how these new headphones work. Where does the sound come from? Where are the speakers?
Bone conduction headphones transmit sound waves via your cheekbones rather than the air. It’s the same technique that sea-like dolphins and other fishes and mammals use underwater, and composer Beethoven used to make music when he lost his hearing.

The benefits of bone conduction headphones
As the bone conducted headphones sit on your cheekbones, your ear canal is left open and sound waves bypass the eardrum. The result is a revolutionary way of listening to music which still allows you to hear ambient sounds around you, with high-quality sound without disturbing with no loss of sound quality and no blocking of your ear canals as another hands-free block your ear canal and give you ear pain.
And once you’ve heard the sound, you’ll never go back to in-ear headphones. This refreshes people who like these headphones and leave the use of other headphones.



How to choose the best bone conduction headphones

The best bone conduction headphones are perfect for running. Still, they can also be used for various other exercises such as cycling, gym workout, and even performing regular work tasks.

Instead of employing drivers to vibrate air directly into your ears, these headphones transfer audio using small transducers that carry those vibrations via your bones to your ears. By doing this, users may continue to listen to the audio while being aware of their surroundings. This implies that you may work and listen to music at the same time.

5 best bone conduction headphones

  1. Shokz OpenRun Pro
  2. Padme S30
  3. Shokz OpenRun
  4. Zygo Solo
  5. Shokz Trekz Air

The future of bone conduction headphones

technology based on bone conduction. Bone-conduction headphones use new and fantastic technology for the best music experience and are about as crazy and futuristic as they sound. Rather than having sound waves travel through your ear the tedious way, bone-conduction headphones send vibrations to the top of your jaw and then through your inner ear and brain. They won’t have buds in your ears, but they will still rest securely on your head. This is ideal when you must be conscious of the outside environment while listening to music. Additionally, they are water-resistant, so feel free to splash about.

General FAQs about bone-conducted handphone

How Does Bone Conduction Technology Work?
The way we hear naturally involves bone conduction, in which sound passes through both our eardrums and bones at the same time. Bypassing your eardrums entirely, our proprietary bone conduction technology creates sound by tiny vibrations that flow through your cheekbones and into your inner ears.

Is It Possible To bone contented With Glasses And Sunglasses?

Yes. For the best fit, we recommend putting your bone-conducted handphone on first and slipping your glasses or sunglasses into place.
Can bone-conducted handphones Be Worn With A Protective Helmet?

Absolutely. The headband wraps across the back and is low enough to pass over the majority of safety helmets used for sports like cycling, skating, and skiing.

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