Camera tips and tricks for iPhone users in 2022

iPhone Camera

The iPhone boasts one of the most versatile and consistent camera setups found in smartphones in the last 10 years. Over the years, Apple has refined the camera experience.

Features like ProRaw are used by professional photographers while there are many who simply use the iPhone as a point-and-shoot device. On the occasion of World Photography, we spoke with two renowned photographers to get tips and tricks on clicking better images with the iPhone camera.

Rizwan is a well-known photographer and is closely associated with the best photography studio in the country, the first best studio in our country for cameras. Rizwan also conducts mobile photography workshops at the studio. The three tips he shared are: Most iPhones now have two if not three lenses. For a week, shoot every situation with each lens and compare the images to see which one looks more impactful to you use all lenses for best results.

iPhone camera basics – Apple Support

Because Different situations will look good with different lenses. Colour, form and texture are vital ingredients of an attractive image. When shooting, study the subject/situation for how best to highlight these. While shooting selfies, use the Portrait mode to get the most flattering images and when you got the best photo remember the settings and pose are noted down.

Make sure you are facing the light source when taking the selfie. Tap on the subject to focus, alternatively tap and hold anywhere on the screen and move the slider up or down to adjust exposure. If you like being creative and playing around with editing the best editing features available on iPhone, do try the Apple ProRAW mode.

The Additional information

That it provides in shadows and highlights will give you the edge that you require for post-production. Portrait Mode is fantastic and it gives you a very realistic bokeh to make your photographs stand out. Do use it whenever you are taking pictures of friends and family or you want that beautiful blur while taking photographs of flowers nature and outside photos mostly.

Portrait mode lets you choose f-stop before and after you have taken a shot (F-stop decides how much blur you want in the background). Use the grid option, it helps you compose your photographs better. Also, iPhone does allow you to shoot in a 16:9 ratio for wider shots. Use the Live Photo option. You can take one photo and choose the best frame afterwards.

This is especially useful when taking pictures of a large group in your collage and trip. Also, use the Live photo option for long-exposure shots. The light trails and waterfalls look exceptional in this mode. All you have to do is take a Live Photo and swipe it up to see the effects that you can create. Last but not the least, do clean the lens often, you can use micro fibre to wipe the lens gently and use leans protecting gadgets every time.

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