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Marvel’s Spider-Man had a scrapped multiplayer mode and it sounds amazing

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After Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered became available for PC last week, players immediately started data mining its code.

This data miner, which was found by Twitter user DniweTamp (via Reddit, which opens in a new tab), revealed files indicating multiplayer and co-op alerts, one of which says, “If set and in co-op.” It appears that two Spider-Men would have been vying to become the “Superior Spider-Man.”

These data indicate that player two would have been in charge of Miles Morales, utilizing his special set of moves from Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. DniweTamp then contributed code that goes into further detail about this, listing player 1, player 2, red team, blue team, character 1, and character 2. When taken as a whole, this shows that Insomniac Games originally intended for Miles to face off against Peter Parker in a PvP mode.

Since this statement, further information has been available regarding the plans Insomniac Games had. A PvE option called “Free For All” was also mentioned, according to VGC(opens in new tab), and it looks that multiplayer would have been available in a different game mode. The actual code is available in the Twitter thread mentioned above if you’re keen to see more.

Another chance?

Why Insomniac Games removed multiplayer from the final product is unclear. It could have no longer been in line with the developer’s general goals, or it might not have performed properly on the original PS4 hardware. The only thing we can truly do at this time is a guess because there has never been any official admission that multiplayer was ever explored.

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Even though Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 was described as a single-player game on the PlayStation Blog(opens in a new tab), there’s a good chance this may return in the follow-up. The unveiling trailer for the PS5-only game, which will debut the following year, gave a lot of attention to Peter battling alongside Miles. This trailer closes with an unexpected entrance from Venom, a fearsome but well-known menace, who takes on a variety of thugs.

It’s likely that we’ll alternate between playing as Peter and Miles, but even though I normally enjoy solo campaigns, I’d really like to test how this concept would work in a co-op setting. Even though it’s not part of the main game, the thought of web-slinging throughout New York with a friend and striving to be the best Spider-Man is intriguing.

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