Microsoft Is Selling A ‘digital Twin’ Of Workplace


For businesses to get augmented reality experiences in the workplace, Microsoft is establishing the ‘industrial metaverse.’

Microsoft revealed its new customer Kawasaki, who will work with Microsoft to establish the ‘industrial metaverse,’ which will need workers to wear HoloLens headsets to assist with manufacturing, repairs, and supply chain management.

HoloLens was released in 2016 and allows users to experience augmented reality, according to CNBC. It will use Microsoft technology like cloud computing to help workers and management make items more quickly.

The startup wants to build a “digital doppelganger” of a workspace to help factories speed up operations like mending.

Kawasaki teamed up with Heinz, which announced that its ketchup factory will employ Microsoft’s industrial metaverse.

The industrial metaverse, according to Jessica Hawk, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of mixed reality, delivers a glimpse of what technology can do now, according to CNBC. “These are real-world difficulties that these companies are dealing with,” she noted, “so having a technology solution that can help unclog the supply chain challenge, for example, is critical.”

While Meta is working on a mixed reality headset, Microsoft has begun selling its mixed reality technology to businesses so that developers may create their own metaverse experiences. Hawk claims that the metaverse experience will function on a range of devices and platforms, including 2D screens.

“We’re simply extremely happy because it’s a period in time when so much creativity is being unlocked,” Hawk says.

Microsoft has been investing substantially over the last decade in Microsoft Mesh and the HoloLens 2 gadget to merge digital and physical reality into mixed reality. Our optimistic thesis is predicated on the notion that Microsoft is well-positioned to become one of the most influential companies in the metaverse’s digital workplace. Furthermore, we feel Microsoft has a competitive advantage since it can provide a comprehensive bundle, such as Dynamics 365 or Office 365, that includes a variety of business services that can be integrated into a digital office environment.

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