Apple watch patents have received patent permission for a camera that will be added to the Apple Watch, allowing users to shoot images with their hands.

Cupertino recently gained authority to include a camera in future versions of the Apple Watch. The camera lens would be located on the side of the rotatable digital crown, allowing the wearer of the watch to just aim their hand at the scene they wish to shoot, according to the patent.

The watch wearer might also remove the watch housing from the band for extra flexibility while shooting, according to the patent drawing.

A release mechanism would separate the watch housing from the band and allow the user to take pictures with the watch’s camera, which would be located on the back.

To brighten dark scenes, an LED is utilized as a flash. The viewfinder and captured photographs will be displayed on the screen.

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Apple, as the market leader in smartwatches, may be able to get the patent, putting an end to privacy worries and ensuring both quality and redundancy obstacles. The patent, according to Tech Spot, might be used in the forthcoming Watch Series 8.

Apple has been granted a patent that might allow Cupertino to include a camera in future Apple Watch models. A camera lens set on the side of the rotatable digital crown is one of the fascinating applications described in the patent.

The wearer would just point their hand towards the scene they want to shoot in this configuration.

Smartwatches with built-in cameras aren’t a novel concept, but current ones haven’t taken off. Privacy remains a major worry, and quality and redundancy have also been roadblocks.

Apple is the smartwatch market leader, and if they can master the execution without it appearing too gimmicky, future Apple Watches might be even more appealing. It’s certainly preferable to the big Wristcam bracelet.

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