Smartphone market sales declined sharply in Q2 2022

smartphone market

Smartphone market Within the second quarter of the year 2022

The smartphone market has seen a sharp decline. Various analyst websites have said that in the second quarter of this year ie 287000000 have been sold all over the world till June.

Sales have declined.

In this way, the first number is the smartphone, the second number is Apple and the third number is the phone of the Chinese company Xiaomi.

Compared to last year, Apple and Samsung have shown a slight improvement, while the reason for this is said to be due to the lockdown in China and due to lack of supply of chips globally, and low demand in the supply chain.

Canalys Smartphone market sharply declined in Q2
Canalys estimates

There was a decrease and their delivery was not possible around the world, which is why the consumption of the phone in the second quarter of 2022 around the world is also seen very little.

Despite all these factors, Samsung, Apple, and Xiaomi have maintained their quality which has resulted in their sales increasing somewhat. On the other hand, around the world like in Brazil or India, due to inflation or other problems, phones cannot be bought or their number remains less than last year.

Xiaomi Mixfold 2 is likely to be launched on August 2

During the second quarter of this current year.

Vivo leads the cell phone market in China with a 19.8 percent share thanks to the S12 series cell phones.

The honor came next with an 18.7 percent portion of the overall industry. The brand made an extraordinary rebound contrasted with a similar quarter last year when it just had a 7.7 percent share. Honor’s prosperity is supposed to be credited to extending its disconnected presence.

The third spot is taken by OPPO which caught a 17.9 percent piece of the pie. Cupertino-based brand Apple kept up with its fourth situation with a 15.5 percent piece of the pie, a slight increment over a similar period last year.

The iPhone 13 series is supposed to be the justification for the organization’s great exhibition. Xiaomi sacked the fifth spot with a 14.9 percent share. The brand saw deals get in June by models like Redmi K50 and the Note 11 series.

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